Wicked City is published, and a prequel story 11Apr12 | 7

Wicked City, the sequel to Moonshine, is finally out (Amazon/B&N/Powells)! It seems to be trickling into Barnes and Nobles over the country right now, or you can get it online. If you like it, please pass on the word–leaving reviews is especially helpful, if you’re so inclined.

And if you’d like a more extensive taste of Zephyr and her world, I’m pleased to say that the awesome Tor.com has published my very first Zephyr Hollis short story, “The Inconstant Moon.” This is a prequel story, taking place four years before the events of Moonshine, and explains how Zephyr first came to the city and started to change her mind about the vampires she’d always killed with her daddy.

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